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Photography & Retouching Tutoring

If you would like to learn new skills in photography, then this might be the perfect thing for you. Whether you want to learn how to use your camera not on auto mode, to learn how to take the best photos of your daily life or would like to learn how to create amazing fantasy images.

All tutoring can be completely tailored to what you want to learn, we will have a preliminary chat over email or Skype to determine what it is that you want to get out of the session and we will work to make that a reality in a fun and interesting way.

Tutoring can be done over the internet on Google Hangout where we can share each other's screens and I can talk you through what to do. Alternatively, we can meet up and go exploring with our cameras and learn some skills on the go. 


The price of the sessions will depend entirely on what it is that you want to learn. The minimum session fee for one hour is £50, but full days and repeating sessions can be quoted too. If you are a student studying photography, there is a possibility to reduce the fee too, so please don't be scared to get in touch and we can get the ball rolling!

What Could You Learn

  • How to use your camera off of manual mode - control all aspects of the image you are creating.
  • Basics of taking photos - learn the basics about lighting and composition
  • The basics of image editing on photoshop
  • Photoshop portrait retouching
  • Photoshop colour grading and advanced editing techniques
  • Choosing the best photos from a photoshoot
  • Creating a custom preset / action to add consistency to your photos and streamline your editing
  • Creating conceptual photos, photo compositing
  • Workflow with Adobe Camera RAW


Will I need my own camera and equipment?
Yes, you will. You will need the camera that you want to learn on, and for editing you will need to have access to Adobe Photoshop.

If I have an image idea, can you teach me how to create it?
Depending on what it is, I will be able to give you the solid foundations and advice to create what you envision. 

Can you help me to create my own preset to use for the future?
Yes, absolutely.

Can we learn as a group?
Yes, of course! If you want to learn with a friend or another group of people then that can definitely be worked around.

Yes Please!

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