Ah, hello again! How nice it feels to be able to post something here again. I've changed up the format a little bit of this site too. It's now mostly going to be a blog of my work and everyday photos with a portfolio on the side rather than totally targeted towards getting commission work. I feel like this is so much more 'me' and I love to be able to communicate with people in a much authentic and honest way.

This last week was spent chilling out on holiday at the wonderful Longleat Forest in the heart of Wiltshire, England. 

I remembered how to do nothing but have fun.
I remembered that walking in nature recharges my batteries.
Laughing with friends is the best medication.
I feel like someone has pressed my reset button.
I'm grateful for everything this week. Thank you, thank you for this experience.
I met some amazing animals - skunks, owls and giant rabbits.
I took a nap in many beautiful places.

Anyway, with all that said and done: here are my memories.

Usually found behind a camera or using pretty stationary. Portrait & documentary photographer, capturing the magic in the everyday. Vegan.