Handling 'The Off Season' for Photographers

Handling 'The Off Season' for Photographers

If you are a photographer that gets consistent work and inspiration all the year round, then I admire you. For myself - and many other photographers - things start to dip a bit around December - March time, whether that be through lack of people wanting photos in the cold and rain or through the world outside seeming quite a bit less inspiring. 

I know that right now, I am totally in that slump - dreaming of sunshine and running through woods with models, and in reality lying in bed trying to get inspiration and motivation to get up and do yoga. The winter leaves me an exhausted human being.

Regardless, that itch to create doesn't go away!

  1. Accept that you're in an uninspiring environment and do not beat yourself up about it. Seasonal sadness is an actual thing, so try and be kind to yourself.
  2. Take a break for yourself. Don't think about it for a little while, a few days, a week, a month. Let yourself want to get back into it, and miss it a little bit.
  3. Read some inspiring books while cuddled under a blanket. Whether it's by your favourite artist, an autobiography of someone you admire or some fantastic young adult fantasy -just escape into a imaginative new world.
  4. Keep a journal of your inspirations for a later date. Draw, write, document, stick in.
  5. Blog your work from last year. This is the perfect opportunity to blog any work done previously - it should remind you of working at your peak and also draw more people to your work and your blog (bonus!).
  6. Start collecting props for your future work. Look through places like Ebay and Etsy. I like the challenge of looking through charity shops to see what treasures I can find for a budget of £10, £20 etc.
  7. Learn something new. While you're not shooting, take the time to learn instead. Keep a journal of the things you learn, whether you enrol in an online editing course, take a free course in biology or buy a book on baking.
  8. Chances are that in a few months you'll have not much time to dedicate to yourself, so take this chance to do some yoga, download a meditation app or sign up to Race for Life.
  9. Start a new Pinterest - I recently created a brand new account on Pinterest and starting again from the ground up was thrilling (yes, that's thrilling to me, okay?). Surround yourself with the positive quotes, beautiful houses, and recipes you'll probably never try.
  10. Try a different kind of art. There is plenty of creative outlets out there that do not require sunlight or warmer weather. Things like crochet, knitting, drawing, journalling and many more are just some examples of having a creative outlet you can do in an evening.

I hope this helps someone out there! I definitely got a little more motivation by just writing all these down 💪🏼 If you experience the same thing in the winter months, or have any other ideas to add then please do add them in the comments below.

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Have a great day! Jas x

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