Comparing Yourself to other Artists

Comparing Yourself to other Artists

The phrase 'don't compare yourself to others' is well known, but I reckon it's also well forgotten too. It's certainly something that I forget, sometimes getting pulled into a spiral of wondering why my work is not as 'good' as my favourite photographers.

Firstly, I just want to say that as an artist, comparing yourself to other artists is okay. Essential, even. It helps you:

  • Know what you like, aesthetically
  • Find what kind of direction to go in
  • Keeps you inspired
  • Keeps you wanting to improve
  • Keeps you 'in the loop' of the industry
  • Makes you want to try new things

What is not okay, is when we get caught up thinking that our work is not as good as x y or z because we are simply not good enough. The thing to remember is that everyone is on a different journey. Shall I say that again? EVERYONE IS ON A DIFFERENT JOURNEY. One person might take to things like a fish to water at the beginning of their career and another might spend years of effort to create something similar. Some people learn faster. Some people are lucky. One is not better than the other, and one is not just because that person is more talented. People have different lives, and the only one YOU need to focus on is creating your own around you. Create the life you want.

Remember that the artist you really love will have years of different experiences than you. If everyone was the same, what would make your work unique?

I once heard someone say that the work you want to create in your head will always be 5 years ahead of what you can do right now. And y'know what? Five years ago I would have LOVED to create what I do now.

So, basically - keep following those artists you love. Keep creating and keep learning.

Jas x

Usually found behind a camera or using pretty stationary. Portrait & documentary photographer, capturing the magic in the everyday. Vegan.