FOMO As An Freelance Creator

FOMO As An Freelance Creator
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Something I've been pondering on for a while is, you guessed it - FOMO. For those who haven't heard of it before, FOMO is 'fear of missing out' and is generally associated with social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You see a highlight reel of the people you know swimming with dolphins, getting a promotion at work, getting cocktails and having children. FOMO leaves you thinking - am I doing enough? Is everyone else achieving so much more than me? And the answer is - no, they're probably not, but all of it together in one feed that you stare at constantly is probably enough to make anyone think that.

In terms of being a freelance creator (photography for me!) I think it's no different. When I log on to facebook, I have liked many photography pages, joined groups, and generally have a lot of people in the industry's life on my feed. The thoughts in my head are 'they seem to be getting so much more work than me, maybe I'm just not that good', 'they can afford a house! Their photography must be earning them so much money, why isn't mine?', 'look at this work they've been doing! I feel like I've done nothing anywhere near as good, I must be lazy. Work harder!' - not exactly the most productive thoughts, and definitely not something that should be perpetually going around your head voluntarily. For some people I'm sure this is fine, but for others not so much.

Facebook is also one of the most useful tools for me, the communities I have joined and the friends I have made on there is something I am very grateful for. But maybe just being aware of these feelings that arise and noticing that they are not true can help just a tiny little bit. Sometimes we all need a little break from tech.

Let me know what you think! Do you experience FOMO as a creator?

Jas x

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