5 Reasons Why Autumn Portraits are Super Magical

5 Reasons Why Autumn Portraits are Super Magical

1 - The Colours

Maybe the most obvious ones, right? There's something about all the different shades of red, orange and brown that is so warm and comforting. Add a bit of trees turning red into the back of a photo and it immediately bring character and context. The colours signify changing of seasons. moving on, and the start of the holiday season.

2 - The Weather & Sky

Okay, so hear me out on this one. In autumn, yes there is probably a good chance of rain, but that's not always a bad thing. Cloudy skies act like huge lighting soft-boxes which gives one of my all-time favourite lighting in photos. It's really very flattering for portraits. If there is a higher chance of rain - although, it's England, so who knows - the big brooding storm clouds can look ah-mazing in photos. If it was my choice, most of my photos would be accompanied my amazing dramatic skies.

3 - A Break from the Dark

So, by this point we are all probably over the summer holidays and breaks, and back into working hard and wrapping up from the cold. Getting out with your camera, photographing clients, going for a walk with your loved ones - it's more important than before to get some time in the fresh air. With the nights drawing in too, taking the daytime to photograph outside is a great way to get your allocated fresh air / sunshine time.

4 - Golden Hour

Golden hour is that magical time of the day when the sun is setting, and the light turns a beautiful shade of gold. It sometimes only lasts minutes. During the winter this happens much earlier in the day. In the summer it can be as late as about 9:00pm, it can get as early as 4:00pm over the colder months. This means that photo sessions can be scheduled at a more reasonable hour, and you can still try and catch that gorgeous golden light. Add this in with the colours of the trees and you are win-ning.

5 - Autumn Make Up & Clothing

One of my favourite things about autumn is breaking out the darker lipsticks, smokey eyes and warmer clothing.

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