Blue Hues

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Clara who has such awesome blue hair. As it turned out, she lives about 100m away from me, so it was a super chilled out photo session where we got to chat and say hello, as well as getting some great photos.

My aim with this photo session was trifold - firstly, I was meeting Clara for the first time so I wanted to get to know her and make things much less awkward. Secondly, I wanted to provide Clara with some great images and thirdly I wanted to potentially photograph some images to submit to a book cover agency that I belong to. I consider the result a resounding success!

Clara's beautiful hair colour immediate sets the tone for the whole photo, and it was such a new thing for me to edit, but it was great to work with such different colours and tones.

I'm always open to working with new and aspiring models, so if you're ever interested please do send me a message :)

Jas x

Usually found behind a camera or using pretty stationary. Portrait & documentary photographer, capturing the magic in the everyday. Vegan.