Chester in Chichester

The way I love to photograph families is not through careful posing and rigidly set up photos, but is to capture their family essence in a much more authentic way. I like to spend some time with families, and capture moments as they happen naturally. 

Here are some photos from a photo session with little Chester and his family last weekend - our plans where to have some fun at their holiday home in Chichester and then go for a walk along the nearby beach. 

There’s a certain a lot of things we did to encourage the photos - mostly involving making sure that Chester was interested and happy and planning some little exertions, but the best photographs are sometimes in the unexpected. The little ducks at the top just happened to wander by, they were so friendly and tame and Chester loved them to pieces.

These are the kind of moments I would rather remember.

Jas x

Usually found behind a camera or using pretty stationary. Portrait & documentary photographer, capturing the magic in the everyday. Vegan.