Samus Zero Suit Cosplay Photography - Onyxeia

This week I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with the amazing Onyxeia. She is so relaxed and brilliant behind the camera. I definitely recommend you head over to her Facebook and Instagram and give her a follow.

Model & Makeup: Onyxeia
Cosplay: Samus, Zero Suit

With these photos I really wanted to focus on silhouette and curves, as well as the amazing blue colour.

At first, trying to find a place that was urban looking in Farnham was quite baffling. I mean, I love all the quaint little roads and rose bushes but for this we needed something relatively plain but definitely more industrial. In the end it came to me - perhaps the only part of town that reminds me of the big smoke - a subway under the roundabout under the Shepherd and Flock pub. It just goes to show that sometimes all you need for a good location is a subway under the road and some creativity 💪🏼

It was one of the hottest days of the year, I was wearing shorts and a vest, so a bloomin' well done to Onyxeia for not complaining about the zero suit heat even once.

Can't wait for any future photoshoots together, watch this space 😎

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