Buried Treasure

Last night we had our staff party where I work - it was the first time in ages I had the opportunity to buy a nice dress, put on some make up and dance wildly to really loud music whilst being surrounded by people I love. Recently I've been feeling like a total zombie, and I'm pretty sure seasonal affective disorder has something to do with it. This party perked me up a bit though, and today I woke up with more energy and motivation.

I doodled this little self portrait out a little while ago.

I always have portrait ideas like this is my head, but it's not until I do it and study it that I realise how reflective it is. Originally I thought 'this portrait is about finding love'. I still think it is, but I think it also portrays finding love of yourself. There is no map to discovering your emotional and spiritual self. As a 23 year old, I'm sure many of you can relate, I feel like I'm discovering my place in the world more and more every day. Finding my own path to personal fulfilment and happiness.

If I'm honest, I was a bit nervous about posting this photo online - it's probably the most skin I've ever shown in a self portrait. I soothed myself by saying things like 'it's almost like you're wearing a strapless dress and you can't see it' which is true, but not really the point. If I had taken this photo of someone else, it wouldn't be a problem for me at all. 

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If I don't write before, have a brilliant Christmas.

Jas x

Usually found behind a camera or using pretty stationary. Portrait & documentary photographer, capturing the magic in the everyday. Vegan.